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Liquid Plastic Roofing Systems

Manufactured by Liquid Plastics, liquid roofing systems protect the roof structure through a liquid applied solution which solidifies into a totally seamless, waterproof barrier.

Available in a range of colours, these systems and can be applied to a range of substrates including asphalt, wood and stone, cement screed, asbestos cement and metal sheeting.

Strength and flexibility

Once applied liquid roofing systems are extremely strong and flexible. This combination prevents the material becoming brittle over time whilst eliminating the risk of rips or tears. LPL roofing systems are designed to provide long lasting protection from the common causes of deterioration including prolonged UV exposure and attack by aggressive atmospheric chemicals. Consequently, systems with lifespans of 10, 15, 20 and 25 years are available for which manufacturer’s written guarantees are provided.

Single coat refurbishment

Importantly, liquid plastic roofing does not need replacing at the end of its initial design life. By applying a single coat over an existing membrane, we can restore original performance and durability - making future refurbishment considerably faster and more cost effective.

Unlike many traditional materials, liquid roofing systems are free from joints, seams, fixtures and other potentially weak areas where early failure can occur. Since they are usually applied over the existing substrate, the removal of the failed material is unnecessary, the need for temporary roofing is removed, keeping contract time to a minimum.

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