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External Resin Bonded Surfacing


resin bonded aggregate surfacing systems provide a hard-wearing, low maintenance dressing to tarmac and concrete, using a wide range of natural aggregates, leaving an eye-catching finish.

Designed for pedestrian or vehicular areas

Resin bonded surfacing has been designed to give the appearance of loose gravel, without the associated maintenance problems. The resin binder is extremely strong, resisting vehicular traffic well and is often used for driveways or car parking areas.

Different stone aggregates can be laid alongside each other to demarcate paths or to provide more imaginative layouts.  Providing a highly attractive environment for pedestrians it has become a popular choice for external landscaping of new housing and retail developments.

Textured or smooth?

Two different systems are available. The resin bonded surface dressing - Addastone - comprises a very strong resin binder into which the aggregates are scattered. Once the resin has dried the the excess aggregates are swept away leaving a bonded textured finish that gives the appearance of loose gravel. Addaset is a resin bound system providing a smooth finish with the resin mixed with the aggregates. The smooth finish is ideal for playgrounds providing a safe surface to play around on.

The full range of available aggregates can be found on the Long Rake Spar

  • Amber Flint
  • Barney Corn
  • Brittany Bronze
  • Chinese Bauxite Grey
  • Corn Flint
  • Desert Gold
resin bonded aggregates