Indesit Company UK: Quality audit laboratory flooring, Bristol - Remmers self-levelling resin floor with anti-slip sealer Mangotsfield United Football Club: Changing rooms - Remmers ArtiTop M Plus Anti-slip with decorative flake system Alcan Packaging: Warehouse - zone demarcation Edmund Nuttall: Cabot Circus - Addastone resin bound tree-pit systems Pearce Group: City of Bristol College driveways - Addastone resin bonded surfacing epoxy resin flooring Pic courtesy of Liquid Plastic Ltd

Industrial Wall Coatings

Oasis can install a range of high performance coatings that provide a decorative finish coupled with outstanding protection. We treat all common subtrates, helping you to identify the system that is most suitable for any given environment. There is an extensive colour range to meet specific design criteria.

External protection with looks

For external render or concrete walls we recommend either Keim or Liquid Plastics paint systems. The Keim system is a silicate based masonry paint. When applied onto a mineral substrate the paint forms a microcrystalline bond in effect becoming part of the same material. This means the paint provides a long lifespan and UV stability ensures it does not fade.

Liquid Plastics systems, such as Decadex, are based on copolymer technology and have a life expectancy three to four times that of conventional masonry paints This helps to prevent weathering, carbonation and fading.

For external metal cladding we use a polyurethane coating which is designed for the refurbishment of virtually all precoated metal.

Dedicated to a perfect finish

Wall and steel coatings are a highly visible component of any building. Clients therefore need to feel confident that all work is completed to the highest standards. We operate a quality management system (ISO 9001:2008) and work closely with our clients to minimise inconvenience and complete on time.

Fully licensed for asbestos treatments

Oasis holds a Health & Safety Executive (HSE) licence which allows us to undertake repairs and encapsulation involving all asbestos materials from asbestos cement cladding to asbestos insulation boards. Using a high-solids, water-based coating (including a fibreglass reinforced matt where necessary) we apply a tough and durable protective membrane.

industrial wall coating