Indesit Company UK: Quality audit laboratory flooring, Bristol - Remmers self-levelling resin floor with anti-slip sealer Mangotsfield United Football Club: Changing rooms - Remmers ArtiTop M Plus Anti-slip with decorative flake system Alcan Packaging: Warehouse - zone demarcation Edmund Nuttall: Cabot Circus - Addastone resin bound tree-pit systems Pearce Group: City of Bristol College driveways - Addastone resin bonded surfacing epoxy resin flooring Pic courtesy of Liquid Plastic Ltd

Industrial Resin Flooring

Concrete floors are suitable for many industrial settings but inevitably deteriorate without protection. This is particularly the case in high-wear environments or where liquids or chemicals are involved.

Resin for protection, looks and safety

A resin flooring system is an effective way of protecting against abrasion, impact and many chemicals. Resin floors are also easy to clean thanks to their hygienic non-porous surface, and are available in a wide range of colours. Resin floors can also be used to create pleasing working environments through clearly defined walkways, storage areas and safety zones. With anti-slip finishes ever more important in industrial settings, we also offer a range of textured resin finishes that meet HSE requirements.

Extensive choice

An approved installer for most major manufacturers, Oasis offers an extensive choice of resin flooring ranging from dustproof sealers to heavy duty epoxy or polyturethane screeds capable of resisting heavy mechanical loading or steam cleaning. We work with you from the start to identify your flooring requirements and understand your working environment to achieve the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

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