Indesit Company UK: Quality audit laboratory flooring, Bristol - Remmers self-levelling resin floor with anti-slip sealer Mangotsfield United Football Club: Changing rooms - Remmers ArtiTop M Plus Anti-slip with decorative flake system Alcan Packaging: Warehouse - zone demarcation Edmund Nuttall: Cabot Circus - Addastone resin bound tree-pit systems Pearce Group: City of Bristol College driveways - Addastone resin bonded surfacing epoxy resin flooring Pic courtesy of Liquid Plastic Ltd

What we do

Oasis specialise in the specification and installation of quality resin flooring, wall coatings, roofing solutions and external resin bonded surfacing.

Tailored solutions

As accredited installers for the major manufacturers, we tailor resin solutions to match your operational requirements and site conditions to deliver high performance on time and on budget.

Performance guaranteed

From durable resin flooring for factories, warehouses and showrooms to external resin bonded surfacing for driveways and pedestrian areas, our resin systems are designed to ensure long-term durability, and are backed by manufacturers performance guarantees.

Quality through and through

Our suppliers are constantly improving and extending their range of resin products each operating their own quality management system (QMS) to ensure product quality. We match this commitment by providing high quality resin installations under the flag of our own QMS system.


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