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Case study - Bibby Distribution

  • Client:
  • Bibby Distribution
  • Location:
  • Avonmouth, Bristol
  • Project:
  • External Cladding
  • System:
  • Application of Liquid Plastics Decadex System

The old asbestos cladding was moss covered, grey and dull. As part of a refurbishment programme Oasis were contracted to carry out a full clean down and apply the highly rated Liquid Plastics Decadex System.

Oasis hold a full HSE licence for work with asbestos and have carried out a wide range of cleaning of asbestos sheeting. In this situation the low-level walls and grass verge were polythened over and the run-off was constantly wet vacuumed and filtered. Air testing proved no fibres were being released to the atmosphere. A moss-killer was used to ensure the roots were thoroughly deadened to prevent any future growth.

Once the cladding was clean three coats of Liquid Plastics copolymer based coating was applied. Decadex is a highly durable decorative weatherproof membrane. It has good UV resistance allowing the colour to remain bright and fresh. Many examples of Decadex have lasted for 30+ years.

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